dwarfcore.plugins.dwarf_track_variables module

class dwarfcore.plugins.dwarf_track_variables.DwarfTrackVariables(dwarfcore: dwarfcore.dwarfcore.DwarfCore, poi_funcs: Optional[List[str]] = None)

Bases: object

Track variable information during execution.

property CALL_STACK_KEY: str

Key to look up call stack, implemented as a List.

property CURR_FUNC_KEY: str

Current function context key.

Value at this key is an Optional[string] type.

property INSCOPE_VARS_KEY: str

In-scope variables context key.

Value at this key is dictionary of variables by string name key, and VariableInfo type


The last processed instruction address will be stored at this key.

This is to help prevent duplication of processing when multiple plugins are active. :return: Key that can be used to retrieve a Manticore address

poi_funcs: Optional[List[str]]
will_execute_instruction_callback(state: manticore.native.state.State, pc: Union[int, manticore.core.smtlib.expression.Expression], _insn: manticore.native.cpu.disasm.Instruction)

Manticore instruction callback to determine which function we are executing within.

Needs to be called from a real plugin

  • state (manticore.native.state.State) –

  • pc (Union[int, manticore.core.smtlib.expression.Expression]) –

  • _insn (manticore.native.cpu.disasm.Instruction) –