Using the REST API

MATE capabilities are controlled using a REST API. Click here for the MATE OpenAPI REST API documentation.

Use this API via the MATE CLI, the REST client of your choice, or interactively through the interactive Swagger UI web interface at http://localhost:8666/api/v1/.

Some useful operations available via the REST API include:

  • Get more visibility into the status of a build

  • Manually starting a compilation phase with custom parameters (see API docs for details)

  • Manually (re)starting a build with custom parameters (see API docs for details)

  • Manually running POI analyses for a build

  • Running Manticore tasks

Running POIs after a manual build

Assuming that you’ve successfully completed the build phase for a particular target, you can explicitly run all currently registered POIs against the build with a single HTTP request:

$ http POST http://localhost:8666/api/v1/analyses/run/YOUR-BUILD-ID

This will run all POIs asynchronously, adding their results to the database (and subsequently associating them with the build) as they come in. You can view the status of each POI’s task under the POI page for the specified build in the MATE UI.